Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Obamacare Supreme Court Case Updated

The Supreme Court case involving Obamacare and all its add-ons, as of Wednesday morning March 28, 2012.

As of now, the Justices which contain more intelligence are asking difficult, challenging and APPLICABLE questions that have an effect on each and everyone of us as U.S. Citizens.  One such example is that of Justice Kennedy who asked: "Can you create commerce in order to regulate it?".  Should the Federal Government mandate us to purchase products?  Today is the final session of the cases involving Obamacare.  Decisions by the Justices are to be made in June.  Although I hope to receive good news sooner.

One example shared within the proceedings was that of the food industry.  Some in favor of Obamacare are arguing that health care is a necessary product that nearly everyone will need and use within their lifetimes.  An opposing point of view asked about food.  Is it not a commodity which we will all use?  In fact, food is used much, much more often than health care and insurance of any kind.  Why isn't the administration forcing use to buy certain food products?  One example used while in session is that of broccoli.  A very healthy vegetable right?  I think everyone can agree on that even if they don't enjoy eating it.  This is a fine example to better put in perspective what the Obama administration is doing (or at least trying to do), which is to make this a more socialistic country.  

This makes a connection in my mind with why this country, the United States of America was formed.  Was it not started by those who were fleeing a socialistic society?  One main reason that is always mention with our founders is that of freedom of religion.  They refused to belong to a mandated church.  When tariffs were placed on products, what did our founders do?  They fought back.  How many mandates did England try to enforce on American soil?  Many.  How many succeeded? None.  So why are we, as American citizens, allowing someone to change that now?!?  Why are so many in support of mandating that everyone buy health insurance?  

Many people agree that health insurance is already expensive.  Well, how much more expensive would it be if it were mandated?  Insurance companies would no longer need to lure you with price, because you will be forced to pay.  Another issue is that those that are healthy, will have to pay more for those who are unhealthy.  ESPECIALLY if  the mandate that all insurance companies must accept EVERYONE regardless of their health, lifestyle and background.  I have had relatives struggle with cancer, diabetes, and many other health issues.  It is always so kind and wonderful when people donate money and help out.  It truly is a good thing.  But this administration is turning that kind gesture into a law that we will all be paying for eachother's health.  Not because we want to, but because Obama says we have to.  That is not an America that I want.

I am proud to be an American.  I am proud to have freedom, which INCLUDES freedom of choice.  My choice is to purchase health care if and when I want.  To eat when I want. To drive when I want. And also to purchase broccoli when I want.  This is a free America.  Lets keep it that way.  The way it was started, and the way it should always be.

Monday, March 26, 2012

A nuclear Iran? Or Peaceful Negotiations?

This is something that everyone has heard about.  An ongoing issue that is being beaten to the ground.  But is it still worth discussing?

As of right now U.S. intelligence knows...almost nothing about Iran's nuclear capabilities.  This means that the World know almost nothing.  How much Uranium have they actually enriched?  Are they capable of a nuclear bomb? Do they have the technology?  Are negotiations going well, or is Iran using them to stall and gain more time?  Many, many questions are arising.

As of what we know, Iran has enriched certain amounts of Uranium (the amounts are unknown to us) up to 20%.  What is know to the World is that for a well-running nuclear power plant Uranium only needs to be enriched to around 3 or 4%.  Does 20% seem a little excessive?  Iran's claim is that this is only for "peaceful", experimental purposes.

Recently Iran shut off access completely to one of its nuclear sites.  Now they are saying sorry and will allow inspections.  Why was access closed off in the first place?

In the United Nations (U.N.) it was considered a "small success"  that Iran agreed to begin negotiations again.  Some people ask, how long have these negotiations been going on?  Well Iran has been suspected of striving for a nuclear bomb for many years.  Negotiations and monitoring (what little has been done that is) has lasted for over 10 years now!  Why is it taking so long?!

So, what could the outcomes be?

In my opinion, there are 3 possible outcomes:

1)  The U.N. decides to crack down and actually tell Iran that it will be inspecting their facilities FULLY and do a thorough scan.  There are already rules in place for nuclear programs and inspections, and the U.N. should enforce them.  Otherwise they are worthless (other nations would seize that opportunity in a heart beat). Iran either lets that happen because it truly has nothing to hide, or

2) Iran does not allow full inspections and tries to keep having secrets and restricted areas.  This leads to war.  Either the U.S. takes charge and decides to threaten Iran into submission or actually attacks.  If that does not happen, then we all know that Israel will do a preemptive strike.

3) "Negotiations"  or time-delay as I think they should be called, works for Iran and they finish their nuclear production and nuclear war is a real and deadly possibility.  With many times more casualties than that of a preemptive strike started war.

There are some that say that a preemptive strike is not the answer because we have had too many wars.  They express the hope that "peaceful negotiations are the key".  Well, how long again have negotiations been going on for this exact topic?  10 years?  Yes it seems like negotiations are going very well.

To clarify, I am not a fan of war.  I don't want every disagreement to degrade into killing, fighting and death. However, I do believe that some wars must be fought.  That the loss of some for the greater good can be a necessary thing.  Yes, I would be and am willing to give my life for that.  Especially if it means that a nuclear and much more destructive war is stopped.  The small battle would save millions of lives.

Again, right now we know almost nothing as to what Iran is actually doing.  We know that they want to "wipe Israel off the map" and we know that Israel would be glad to fight back.  We also know that something needs to change...and soon.  Predictions state that Iran could have a nuclear bomb within 6 months (some claim it would only be a crude nuclear bomb...I say that it is still a nuclear bomb, no matter how crude and that is something to worry about).  Well, those 6 months could have begun 6 months ago...or 9 years ago.  Time is important.  Life is important.  Action and MAKING decisions (not discussing them) is what will decide our future.

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Obamacare and Health care Arguments, Supreme Court

"Anyone who lives in the United States is, or will be, affected by this case. "

Starting today, the Supreme Court is taking on the case (or cases) of what has come to be known as "Obamacare".  What is being called the longest Supreme Court arguments in 40 years has Washington D.C. crowded once again with concerned citizens.

There are many interesting factors present in this case, including the use of technology, or the lack thereof.  The Supreme Court announced that no filming, tweets, blogging, facebooking, or any other form of technology will be allowed or used in the courtroom.  Only note taking materials such as pen, pencil and paper.  Keeping America on the edge of their seats until each set of the arguments concludes.
Of course the big bang in these cases will be the court's decision.  Is Obamacare Constitutional or not?  With pages numbering in the thousands this healthcare reformation plan has a wide range of effects on businesses, insurance companies and private citizens.  Anyone who lives in the United States is, or will be, affected by this case.

Another fun fact is that it has become mostly a bi-partisan debate, as it seems most things do.  Republicans are claiming "Unconstitutional" while the Democrats claim "constitutional".  In this case there are 26 states represented that are in oppostion to Obamacare (claiming it to be unconstitutional).  The Supreme Court has also appointed some "extra" attorneys to represent different aspects of the case.  The arguments have been broken into 3 different areas.

Monday will be to decide if that case is even worth hearing (which we all know that it will be...seems like a waste in my opinion).  The three seperated issues include: Individual Mandate; Expansion of Medicade acceptance; and severability or whether or not if Obamacare is discarded if there are parts that should or could be kept. Tuesday if for the Individual Mandate, and Wednesday will have a double-session with the severability of Obamacare first, and then the expansion of Medicade will conclude.

In my opinion, being a small business owner, I am opposed to many of the facets included in Obamacare.  Forcing me to pay large amounts of extra money in terms of healthcare for my employees.  I give my employees every oppurtunity to purchase healthcare and have allowed several insurance companies to send representatives to talk to my employee in a meeting, and also on an individual basis during work hours.  Those that want it have it and those that don't, don't.  It is their right to choose.  Obamacare will force me to provide healthcare for these employees, meaning that I match dollar for dollar what the employee pays.  Where will I make the extra money to pay for this?  The economy and market are already extremely competitive and profite margins are very low.  This kind of "fee imposing" is what will put small businesses like mine OUT OF BUSINESS.  Volume of production being the deciding factor in profits.  This means that Obamacare will not only take away large amounts of money, but will result in the loss of thousands of jobs as businesses are forced to pay-up or close their doors.

This will be an interesting and very important I will be watching very closely.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Is it Debt or Deficit?!?

Excellent shape for exponential growth, don't you think?

Politicians and the media are once again trying to pull the wool over our eyes.  How many times when watching the news, hearing a politician speak, or reading the paper (whichever that may be) do you hear the National DEBT mentioned?  Probably not very often anymore.  What we usually hear or see is the National DEFICIT.  Now...question:  Why are we as a country focusing soooo much on cutting back our deficit?!? Shouldn't there be NO deficit? If there is any deficit, that means that we are still plunging ever further into more and more debt. Burying ourselves above our eyeballs.

Simply a warning to be careful the wording that many try to use.  Debt is how much we owe, and deficit is how much MORE we are PLANNING to owe!

Live updates for the National Debt NOT the deficit:

By the way, notice how $11 trillion has been given to US, the citizens, who are now supposed to pay all of this off.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Oil Disputes and Environmentalists.

War, and more war.  That's what we hear about all the time now with the Middle East; Iraq, Afghanistan, and now more for Iran.

One big war going on is that of oil.  That isn't just in the Middle East either.  In fact, it is probably going on more here in the United States than anywhere else.  Even though the media for some reason wants us to think it's that way.  One of the biggest battles occurs between the oil companies and the environmental groups/organizations.

Right now there is a very large battle (been going on since 2007) between environmentalists and Shell oil company for drilling off the Alaskan shoreline. Shell actually just issued a lawsuit to preemptively strike at the environmentalists because it has plans for this summer and doesn't want them to be delayed by a late legal battle.  Bold move by Shell, but wise if they are prepared.  Environmentalists are very good at delaying and slowing down the drilling process.

So what's your opinion on drilling?  Messy? Necessary?

Either way...we as drivers and customers of gasoline are paying for this battle.  Shell claims to have already spent over $4 BILLION on this project already, and plans on spending much more.  As much as is necessary, according to a Shell spokesman.  Where does Shell get that money?  From the gas and oil we as consumers purchase.

Also, where do the environmentalists get their money?!  How about from Government grants, subsidies, etc.?  Or from donations, and tax write-offs.  We The People of the United States of America are paying for two sides of a war, and because of this war, we are also paying for its after-effects, aka: rising gas prices.

The only thing that can turn the tides of this war and many others like it (BP's story continues in the Gulf of Mexico also, along with many others), all that could bring good to this is our voice.  The consumer drives the demand.  We as consumers need to let our voices be heard and let these groups and companies know what we want.

What can we do about it?  Share your thoughts and comments.  Always happy to hear them!

NYT BP article:

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Gas Prices are High...and getting higher!

Why am I paying over $350 a month on gas?! And all I drive is a small commuter car!

Despite how much people talk about oil, it is only half the story of gas pricing.  Speculators, politicians and more help to control the price whether it's up or down.  Unfortunately for the common American...that means up.

For the first time since the 1940's the United States EXPORTED more oil than it imported last year (2011).  If we can export oil, why is the price going up?  Also...why are we exporting some and importing other?! Doesn't shipping make things more expensive?

This summer, speculators say that gas will be in the mid $4 range.  Meaning $4.50.  Guess what that means? It means that it will!  Not only that, but it will probably go up to $5 because they are speculating $4.50!  Will oil prices increase that much? No.  But you can guarantee that come the end of September and October prices will drop again!  Of course not below $3.00 a gallon, but voting time means that the current administration (as seen in the past, whoever it may be) will work their way "finally" into bringing the economy back.  It won't be back as soon as voting is over.  It's a ploy to get YOUR vote!  That's all they want is to be elected (or re-elected as the case may be).

What can we do?  Voting helps, as long as we have researched and know who and what we are voting for. Any other ideas?

Basically, I am tired of seeing a week's pay disappear every month into the pump.  But a difference can only be made if people decide to BE that difference.

Check out the National gas price averages, thanks to AAA:

Birth control: Why should I pay for this?!

Yesterday, Thursday March 1, 2012 it was decided by the Senate that birth control (contraception or whatever they want to call it) would be given out freely to anyone that asks.  It was passed  51 votes to a mere 48.  Big shock that the majority party got the majority vote. Typical, non-representation of what people actually want.

Anyway, to continue:  Who has denied these things to women?  This case has been turned into an equality and women's rights debate and feud.  Women (according to some college women who presented in D.C. this past week) are being denied coverage and therefore are susceptible to having...(wait for it) that might lead to having children!

My question is: Why is it my problem and responsibility to pay because there are women and men who want to have sex, but not have kids?!  Where is my right to keep my money that I earned?  Who will pay for my life-style?  What if I decide that gasoline is too expensive for me because I drive more than everyone else, so I want other people to have to share in my costs.  It's the same kind of example, is it not?

My spouse and I have decided to use birth control.  Some may disagree with its use, but we are using it.  That is our choice.  Yes! I agree that it is a right to have access to birth control and contraception agents or tools.  Guess how we (my spouse and I) get them?  We pay for them!  What a novel idea that is, to pay for something that we want!  It's amazing to me that people truly want others to pay for their life.  It's called work, and they don't want to do it.  Work is too hard for them.  When I see or hear of people with the "I don't care, someone else can pay for me." kind of life-style I want to say "Tough! I'm not paying!  I buy my own things, and you can buy yours."

It's sickening that something that can be good and bring us roads, sewage, water, parks, etc. thinks that they can also bring us birth control and many other forms of socialism.  Whatever you want to say, that's what making others pay for birth control is: socialism.  Not what this country was founded on.  Another note to make is forcing religions to participate in this.  FREEDOM for religion, THAT is something this country was founded on.  If you want birth control to be covered by your insurance/hospital/clinic etc. then go find one that does!  Leave your church.  They have their beliefs, and they should not be forced to change them.  If you think you believe in your church, then stop forcing it to believe what you want.  God's rules are absolute.  If a religion believe His rules to be one way, then for that religion it is that way.  That is the freedom that religion is allowed.  Some may say "But this other religion says that God has different rules than you say He does."  That's fine!  That religion has the right to believe what they want also!

In the end, rights were trampled for the greed and laziness of others.  No rights were gained, only socialism was gained.  This was and is not an idea on women's rights.  All women were already allowed access to birth control!  Sure they had to pay for it, but that's what happens when someone makes something you want, YOU pay for it!  Now my spouse and I will most likely continue paying for our own birth control and then have the expense of birth control for others be added on top of that.  Great...thanks.

A link from the New York Times that shares an article covering some of this topic: