Friday, March 2, 2012

Birth control: Why should I pay for this?!

Yesterday, Thursday March 1, 2012 it was decided by the Senate that birth control (contraception or whatever they want to call it) would be given out freely to anyone that asks.  It was passed  51 votes to a mere 48.  Big shock that the majority party got the majority vote. Typical, non-representation of what people actually want.

Anyway, to continue:  Who has denied these things to women?  This case has been turned into an equality and women's rights debate and feud.  Women (according to some college women who presented in D.C. this past week) are being denied coverage and therefore are susceptible to having...(wait for it) that might lead to having children!

My question is: Why is it my problem and responsibility to pay because there are women and men who want to have sex, but not have kids?!  Where is my right to keep my money that I earned?  Who will pay for my life-style?  What if I decide that gasoline is too expensive for me because I drive more than everyone else, so I want other people to have to share in my costs.  It's the same kind of example, is it not?

My spouse and I have decided to use birth control.  Some may disagree with its use, but we are using it.  That is our choice.  Yes! I agree that it is a right to have access to birth control and contraception agents or tools.  Guess how we (my spouse and I) get them?  We pay for them!  What a novel idea that is, to pay for something that we want!  It's amazing to me that people truly want others to pay for their life.  It's called work, and they don't want to do it.  Work is too hard for them.  When I see or hear of people with the "I don't care, someone else can pay for me." kind of life-style I want to say "Tough! I'm not paying!  I buy my own things, and you can buy yours."

It's sickening that something that can be good and bring us roads, sewage, water, parks, etc. thinks that they can also bring us birth control and many other forms of socialism.  Whatever you want to say, that's what making others pay for birth control is: socialism.  Not what this country was founded on.  Another note to make is forcing religions to participate in this.  FREEDOM for religion, THAT is something this country was founded on.  If you want birth control to be covered by your insurance/hospital/clinic etc. then go find one that does!  Leave your church.  They have their beliefs, and they should not be forced to change them.  If you think you believe in your church, then stop forcing it to believe what you want.  God's rules are absolute.  If a religion believe His rules to be one way, then for that religion it is that way.  That is the freedom that religion is allowed.  Some may say "But this other religion says that God has different rules than you say He does."  That's fine!  That religion has the right to believe what they want also!

In the end, rights were trampled for the greed and laziness of others.  No rights were gained, only socialism was gained.  This was and is not an idea on women's rights.  All women were already allowed access to birth control!  Sure they had to pay for it, but that's what happens when someone makes something you want, YOU pay for it!  Now my spouse and I will most likely continue paying for our own birth control and then have the expense of birth control for others be added on top of that.  Great...thanks.

A link from the New York Times that shares an article covering some of this topic:

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