Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Obamacare Supreme Court Case Updated

The Supreme Court case involving Obamacare and all its add-ons, as of Wednesday morning March 28, 2012.

As of now, the Justices which contain more intelligence are asking difficult, challenging and APPLICABLE questions that have an effect on each and everyone of us as U.S. Citizens.  One such example is that of Justice Kennedy who asked: "Can you create commerce in order to regulate it?".  Should the Federal Government mandate us to purchase products?  Today is the final session of the cases involving Obamacare.  Decisions by the Justices are to be made in June.  Although I hope to receive good news sooner.

One example shared within the proceedings was that of the food industry.  Some in favor of Obamacare are arguing that health care is a necessary product that nearly everyone will need and use within their lifetimes.  An opposing point of view asked about food.  Is it not a commodity which we will all use?  In fact, food is used much, much more often than health care and insurance of any kind.  Why isn't the administration forcing use to buy certain food products?  One example used while in session is that of broccoli.  A very healthy vegetable right?  I think everyone can agree on that even if they don't enjoy eating it.  This is a fine example to better put in perspective what the Obama administration is doing (or at least trying to do), which is to make this a more socialistic country.  

This makes a connection in my mind with why this country, the United States of America was formed.  Was it not started by those who were fleeing a socialistic society?  One main reason that is always mention with our founders is that of freedom of religion.  They refused to belong to a mandated church.  When tariffs were placed on products, what did our founders do?  They fought back.  How many mandates did England try to enforce on American soil?  Many.  How many succeeded? None.  So why are we, as American citizens, allowing someone to change that now?!?  Why are so many in support of mandating that everyone buy health insurance?  

Many people agree that health insurance is already expensive.  Well, how much more expensive would it be if it were mandated?  Insurance companies would no longer need to lure you with price, because you will be forced to pay.  Another issue is that those that are healthy, will have to pay more for those who are unhealthy.  ESPECIALLY if  the mandate that all insurance companies must accept EVERYONE regardless of their health, lifestyle and background.  I have had relatives struggle with cancer, diabetes, and many other health issues.  It is always so kind and wonderful when people donate money and help out.  It truly is a good thing.  But this administration is turning that kind gesture into a law that we will all be paying for eachother's health.  Not because we want to, but because Obama says we have to.  That is not an America that I want.

I am proud to be an American.  I am proud to have freedom, which INCLUDES freedom of choice.  My choice is to purchase health care if and when I want.  To eat when I want. To drive when I want. And also to purchase broccoli when I want.  This is a free America.  Lets keep it that way.  The way it was started, and the way it should always be.