Friday, March 2, 2012

Gas Prices are High...and getting higher!

Why am I paying over $350 a month on gas?! And all I drive is a small commuter car!

Despite how much people talk about oil, it is only half the story of gas pricing.  Speculators, politicians and more help to control the price whether it's up or down.  Unfortunately for the common American...that means up.

For the first time since the 1940's the United States EXPORTED more oil than it imported last year (2011).  If we can export oil, why is the price going up?  Also...why are we exporting some and importing other?! Doesn't shipping make things more expensive?

This summer, speculators say that gas will be in the mid $4 range.  Meaning $4.50.  Guess what that means? It means that it will!  Not only that, but it will probably go up to $5 because they are speculating $4.50!  Will oil prices increase that much? No.  But you can guarantee that come the end of September and October prices will drop again!  Of course not below $3.00 a gallon, but voting time means that the current administration (as seen in the past, whoever it may be) will work their way "finally" into bringing the economy back.  It won't be back as soon as voting is over.  It's a ploy to get YOUR vote!  That's all they want is to be elected (or re-elected as the case may be).

What can we do?  Voting helps, as long as we have researched and know who and what we are voting for. Any other ideas?

Basically, I am tired of seeing a week's pay disappear every month into the pump.  But a difference can only be made if people decide to BE that difference.

Check out the National gas price averages, thanks to AAA:

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