Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Is it Debt or Deficit?!?

Excellent shape for exponential growth, don't you think?

Politicians and the media are once again trying to pull the wool over our eyes.  How many times when watching the news, hearing a politician speak, or reading the paper (whichever that may be) do you hear the National DEBT mentioned?  Probably not very often anymore.  What we usually hear or see is the National DEFICIT.  Now...question:  Why are we as a country focusing soooo much on cutting back our deficit?!? Shouldn't there be NO deficit? If there is any deficit, that means that we are still plunging ever further into more and more debt. Burying ourselves above our eyeballs.

Simply a warning to be careful the wording that many try to use.  Debt is how much we owe, and deficit is how much MORE we are PLANNING to owe!

Live updates for the National Debt NOT the deficit:

By the way, notice how $11 trillion has been given to US, the citizens, who are now supposed to pay all of this off.

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