Monday, March 26, 2012

Obamacare and Health care Arguments, Supreme Court

"Anyone who lives in the United States is, or will be, affected by this case. "

Starting today, the Supreme Court is taking on the case (or cases) of what has come to be known as "Obamacare".  What is being called the longest Supreme Court arguments in 40 years has Washington D.C. crowded once again with concerned citizens.

There are many interesting factors present in this case, including the use of technology, or the lack thereof.  The Supreme Court announced that no filming, tweets, blogging, facebooking, or any other form of technology will be allowed or used in the courtroom.  Only note taking materials such as pen, pencil and paper.  Keeping America on the edge of their seats until each set of the arguments concludes.
Of course the big bang in these cases will be the court's decision.  Is Obamacare Constitutional or not?  With pages numbering in the thousands this healthcare reformation plan has a wide range of effects on businesses, insurance companies and private citizens.  Anyone who lives in the United States is, or will be, affected by this case.

Another fun fact is that it has become mostly a bi-partisan debate, as it seems most things do.  Republicans are claiming "Unconstitutional" while the Democrats claim "constitutional".  In this case there are 26 states represented that are in oppostion to Obamacare (claiming it to be unconstitutional).  The Supreme Court has also appointed some "extra" attorneys to represent different aspects of the case.  The arguments have been broken into 3 different areas.

Monday will be to decide if that case is even worth hearing (which we all know that it will be...seems like a waste in my opinion).  The three seperated issues include: Individual Mandate; Expansion of Medicade acceptance; and severability or whether or not if Obamacare is discarded if there are parts that should or could be kept. Tuesday if for the Individual Mandate, and Wednesday will have a double-session with the severability of Obamacare first, and then the expansion of Medicade will conclude.

In my opinion, being a small business owner, I am opposed to many of the facets included in Obamacare.  Forcing me to pay large amounts of extra money in terms of healthcare for my employees.  I give my employees every oppurtunity to purchase healthcare and have allowed several insurance companies to send representatives to talk to my employee in a meeting, and also on an individual basis during work hours.  Those that want it have it and those that don't, don't.  It is their right to choose.  Obamacare will force me to provide healthcare for these employees, meaning that I match dollar for dollar what the employee pays.  Where will I make the extra money to pay for this?  The economy and market are already extremely competitive and profite margins are very low.  This kind of "fee imposing" is what will put small businesses like mine OUT OF BUSINESS.  Volume of production being the deciding factor in profits.  This means that Obamacare will not only take away large amounts of money, but will result in the loss of thousands of jobs as businesses are forced to pay-up or close their doors.

This will be an interesting and very important I will be watching very closely.

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