Monday, March 5, 2012

Oil Disputes and Environmentalists.

War, and more war.  That's what we hear about all the time now with the Middle East; Iraq, Afghanistan, and now more for Iran.

One big war going on is that of oil.  That isn't just in the Middle East either.  In fact, it is probably going on more here in the United States than anywhere else.  Even though the media for some reason wants us to think it's that way.  One of the biggest battles occurs between the oil companies and the environmental groups/organizations.

Right now there is a very large battle (been going on since 2007) between environmentalists and Shell oil company for drilling off the Alaskan shoreline. Shell actually just issued a lawsuit to preemptively strike at the environmentalists because it has plans for this summer and doesn't want them to be delayed by a late legal battle.  Bold move by Shell, but wise if they are prepared.  Environmentalists are very good at delaying and slowing down the drilling process.

So what's your opinion on drilling?  Messy? Necessary?

Either way...we as drivers and customers of gasoline are paying for this battle.  Shell claims to have already spent over $4 BILLION on this project already, and plans on spending much more.  As much as is necessary, according to a Shell spokesman.  Where does Shell get that money?  From the gas and oil we as consumers purchase.

Also, where do the environmentalists get their money?!  How about from Government grants, subsidies, etc.?  Or from donations, and tax write-offs.  We The People of the United States of America are paying for two sides of a war, and because of this war, we are also paying for its after-effects, aka: rising gas prices.

The only thing that can turn the tides of this war and many others like it (BP's story continues in the Gulf of Mexico also, along with many others), all that could bring good to this is our voice.  The consumer drives the demand.  We as consumers need to let our voices be heard and let these groups and companies know what we want.

What can we do about it?  Share your thoughts and comments.  Always happy to hear them!

NYT BP article:

NYT Article on Shell:

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